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Grossglockner, 07/2000

In the afternoon, we drove up the "Gletscherstrasse" to the Grossglockner. All photos on this page were taken within half an hour onthis cloudy and windy day.

Grossglockner, 07/2000

Grossglockner, 07/2000

Grossglockner, 07/2000

Grossglockner, 07/2000

Grossglockner, 07/2000

Grossglockner, 07/2000

The spiky mountain is Grossglockner itself, the highest mountain of Austria. The summit is about 1300m above the viewpoint.

Grossglockner, 07/2000

The big glacier below is known as "Pasterze", and the Austrians say it is the biggest glacier in the Eastern Alps (which is challanged by the Italiens, who say it is the "Giachio di Forno" in the southern Ortler group.

Grossglockner, 07/2000

The Pasterze from a different viewpoint.


We were luckier with the weather this round.

We drove up from Heiligenblut

enjoyed the vista with its animals...

That's why they are called sheep

Young shepherds and their cows

... and flowers ...

... and bees

... and glaciers : Pasterze

... and Rasthaus Schöneck at 1,950 m


... and Franz-Josefs-Höhe







where a statue of the Emperor and marmots as well as the unmatched     beauty of the Alps can be seen

... and Hochtor Tunnel

At 2505 m it is the highest point of the road

The center of the tunnel is the boundary between Carinthia and Salzburg

We went for a hike above the tunnel.

Stephan continued all the way to the top of the peak.

... and the next


....and last but not least the "Road Jesus"es

2017 July

This summer was special.  After Mallorca, we traveled in Austria & Germany with Anne-Marie & Jean-Pierre. We visited Königssee, Bechtesgaden, Krimml, Salzburg, Grossglockner and Werfenweng - where JP fulfilled his dream of flying.




And the best part of this excursion was seeing how Austria gives credit to the US and acknowledges Yellowstone as the first National Park in the world!  Thank you Teddy! God Bless America!