April 2016

Iguazu Falls  -  Cataratas del Iguazú -  Cataratas do Iguaçu

[From both the Argentinean side and the Brazilian side]

We spent 3 days in Iguazu and tried to do all that one has to do in this spectacular UNESCO Heritage Site.  We walked, we drove to Brazil, took a boat to go straight under the falls and enjoyed what nature has given us!

Argentinean Side     -    Brazilian Side

The Sheraton where we stayed and the view from our balcony: sunrise and day time


First sight of the falls

The more you walk, the more it becomes apparent that these are never ending falls.... almost!

The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo (Spanish) or Garganta do Diabo (Portuguese) is the most well known area with its raging falls and it takes a while to get to but it is worth every second you spend walking.


Different walks lead to different falls and here are some samplings - Each one more attractive than the other

Before you get to most falls you walk over bridges spanning calm waters and then boom!



Coaties are the national animals of the park....Hmmm  -  Not beauties I must say.  And not a bit intimidated by humans they are everywhere!



We decided to walk down to the quay and take a boat trip to go under the falls.  We were warned that no covering would keep us dry as they really push you under.  While walking down a narrow, path Stephan being a gentleman, decided to move aside and let people pass because the path was blocked by three inconsiderates yapping away.

Well... Wet and slippery as the rocks were, he slipped and flew down the rocks, did a summersault and by some unbelievable miracle he stopped. I screamed bloody murder people stopped to help but I probably lost a few years of my life.  He too was in utter shock. And I know this because once in a boat, he did not complain one bit about getting wet and the whole trip being unpleasant and so on.  He even seemed to enjoy it.

  Here are the rocks over which he flew; and us marching back looking like wet rats.


Brazilian Side

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