The year 2011

January 2011  - Arek continued to go to Carline's school and enjoyed every minute of it.


March 2011   -  Pria, Ben and Arek bought a house in Oakland and came up to visit their new home  and the playground nearby.


They stayed with Stephan and Mima   had lots of fun.


April   2011   -  On April 6th we all went down to LA to drive the family up.  Arek helped the movers and then drove up with Mom and Mima.     Stephan drove the truck up and Ben brought the other car.



They stayed with us for a couple of days and then moved to their new home.




Oakland home


Then it was Easter.  We dyed  Easter eggs with Pria and Arek.



Once the eggs were done we went down to the backyard and helped Stephan build his shed - or bunker... given the infrastructure he put into it...




May 2011

it's fun to come to Mima's house and watch videos.  "Mima, Can we watch vi-de-os?"

My two gorgeous babies!!!

June 2011

We went swimming at Eldem's.

Arek had new Spiderman shoes!

July  2011   -  Arek came and stayed one evening with Mima and Stephan.  We had lunch at a restaurant, drove Stephan's car and had a nice dinner on the deck




August  2011   -  Pippa  and Athalie came to visit.

Stephan and his best friend [BFF] Arek had lots of fun discovering the back yard inch by inch.



Then they watched more videos on i-pad.....

....  and then more with mom



Arek tried his baby sister's bed before she came to make sure that it is comfy.

September 2011  -  Arek learns to fly model helicopters with Stephan



Then down to the back yard to check the shed and the fruit trees.




And it is first day of preschool!!!


finally life is always enjoyable at Mima's  -  or at Arek's other house.

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