Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010

Pria and Ben and Arek came up for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas.


We had a great time together - we watered the plants, had Thanksgiving dinner, picked carrots from the vegetable garden and went hiking near the reservoir.







The best time of the year.  My babies are in SF.  Arek enjoyed Christmas and our little outings a lot more this year.  Here is a pictorial diary.

We trimmed the tree



Had fun at Mima's Party


We opened our gifts on Christmas morning and boy oh boy there were plenty of them!!!


Ben showed us how Arek has grown.  See the 2009 pictures

We intently opened the packages



We visited AnneMarie for a Christmas dinner

We flew Airplanes with Stephan


We went to the playground


Played video games on Stephan and Mima's computers


and a few more of the activities of this Christmas season




... and the best part was a trip to Tahoe.


We went sledding during the day and in the evening



And when the weather was bad there was always the iphone...




oh yes, we also spent a day at Fisherman's Wharf



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