August 2010

Arek did his first visit to Europe in style.  On the seven legs of the trip he made friends with lots of people and seemed to have inherited Mima's love of travel!  With 'baba' and kitty to keep him company, and 'night night' for sleep he was the best 21 month old on any plane at any time - even with a broken collar bone. 

He visited 'Germamy' and Istanbul and Bodrum


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Our first stop was Frankfurt where we visited the old town had lunch, and played in the fountain. 

We were interested in seeing the 'big man' - a.k.a. Goethe  

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Our next trip was to the castle of Heidelberg where we admired the old bridge and....


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We loved the 'lions' and the 'mans' on the castle walls and gates.

We then flew to Istanbul and spent a few days in the sweltering heat in Kinali.  We visited family and had a great time with them.

Here is Arek holding court with his 'girls'! Talin, Patricia, Romina and Selin

We took a day's trip to Buyukada where we took a tour and Arek had great fun with the animals


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See Istanbul for more pictures

The pièce de résistance of the trip was Bodrum

At Sea Garden, the food was good ...

... but ice cream was the best!
The entertainment was plenty ..

but the beach and the sea were ... amazing

Mom and dad lathered Arek  with SPF 50 to the amazement of most Europeans and Turks.  They seem to like the George 'Hamilton' look.

We had a bee infused dinner with Ayse and Nihal Hanim.  We then went to Kate and Kerim's
wedding where Arek's fancy  D & G outfit  [thanks to auntie Ayse] got him the girl..pretty Dize.


Arek sometimes slept in the car while Mima did most of the driving and kept sending kisses to everyone showing her happiness to be with them!