Our Arek is growing up fast!!

The family was up again in San Francisco  -  first week of February  2009

AnneMarie and Arek

Aydin came to visit his little friend

and gave him the sweetest welcome

Arek with AnneMarie and Asli - two sisters and the love of the family


Arek is 4 months old


Arek's first Mother's Day

I went to LA for the occasion and here are the pictures.

Arek is now 6 months old.  He can sit all by himself and grab anything and everything in sight. Without any discrimination they all go straight to his mouth.

For Mother's Day he made a placemat for his mom with his hand and footprints. What talent! Can anything beat this?

I had the joy of feeding him his real food, and it seems like we both enjoyed it very much.

We spent an afternoon in the Huntington gardens and after enjoying the wonderful desert plants Arek decided on a nap.\\


Arek's having a dryrun in his new bathtub - literally...

On Mother's Day we had a wonderful brunch where Arek behaved like a true gentleman until he had enough of all the attention.

And after that we just couldn't make him concentrate for more pictures....


June 2009


Arek's first Father's Day

For the occasion he showed off his artistic aptitude in a more abstract form.


And first teeth

or 'choppers' as his mommy calls them



Arek and his parents came up to SF for a weekend in June...  and he allowed us to witness many changes and some firsts.

Our little 'sparrow' enjoys being spoon-fed - and we all enjoy feeding him.


He had his first try at feeding himself which started with .....                           BUT              within a few minutes transformed to ....


"I guess they want me to eat this"

"And she sure will not give up"

"Hmmm... not too bad"

"WHY do they make me wear socks in this heat?"

" I don't think I care for this taste"

"Please spare me"

"Thanks mom! My socks taste so much better!"

"Mmm mmmm delicious"

"And I also drink all by myself!"

He went to visit his SF girlfriend - Jackson

Other than that he discovered our corridors and floors and enjoyed being the center of attraction while all three of us continued clicking the cameras....















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