Now that I am a big boy I will write my own captions. 

We managed to squeeze a lot into two weeks.  And Asli outdid herself with the help of my mom [meaning photography].

Our angel

We first had pre-Christmas fun and food.

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Asli & Stephan had all the bells and whistles out for us

I first played in Asli's office but it was not very interesting 


so I went and played with my BFF Stephan in his office - so much more fun.   


We played on his computer with a camera.     He also wanted me to play with pens but I knew his wallet was more intriguing.

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Then Asli and my mom took pictures NON-STOP! 

    Have you had enough photos yet?       Yep, she loves me to pieces     She is funny too - sometimes...  They tell me this Santa belonged to my mommy.

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We went out to lunch and watched airplanes near the airport.  Mom and dad picked me up so I can see better.  I even played with a dog-dog.

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The women in my life took turns feeding me... and they seemed not to have enough.  while one fed the other took photos! 


Then came the official Christmas pictures.  And before they would allow me to open my gifts we had to have more pictures.  More, more, more....

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Compare this picture, me hanging in the air, to last year's and you will see how much I have grown.

Finally I was allowed to open my gifts.  Wow, tearing all those neatly packaged things are such fun. 

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Here I am with mommy and Elfie the elephant.  And then here I am helping Stephan  open his gift.

 DSC07392.JPG (322783 bytes)   DSC07399.JPG (429204 bytes)   IMG_2825.JPG (346720 bytes)   Here is another proof of how I have grown.  Check out the same picture last year!

In the afternoon we took a walk at the reservoir.  We had a lot of fun and exercise.  We even saw a whole family of deer.  They made me wear my winter hat just so that they can take more pictures.

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Christmas day dinner was at Anne-Marie's.  Yep - more photos and more gifts.



The next day we went to visit my friend Aydin at Eldem's house.  I got gifts there too....

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The day after that was our trip to Tahoe.  My first snow experience.  They were all excited.  Especially the lady with the camera - i.e. Asli.  She was determined to take pictures of every minute of our trip including the boring travel - in a car seat.


After we got to South Shore we had lunch at a very nice restaurant and I had my first introduction to snow.  Interesting! Cold and layers of clothing 

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Then they dragged me shopping and put more clothes on me.  Considering I come form LA that was not much fun





The next morning we went sledding AND slowly but surely I started enjoying this activity.

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 I tasted my first snow,  tried to make a snow angel     

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 I  climbed the stairs in the hotel, opened every cabinet in the room and all in all I had a good time.        


We then returned to San Francisco, but the ladies hadn't had enough pictures, so..... here is the final chapter of this holiday - Asli's home and Burlingame Park  and the last few days of us in SF.

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