October 23, 2008

Pria and Ben had their beautiful baby!

Here is my favorite picture - Arek 3 days old.

Pria and her newborn baby

Proud parents and baby

Admiring the masterpiece

3 generations

and of course AnneMarie

Arek 2 days old

Arek coming home and me doing what I do best

Pria showing her talent in photography

Auntie Emily and Pria with Arek

The cutest little feet in the world

Ben refining the art of diaper changing

Arek in his chick magnet mode

Learning to have a meal with a baby in your arms

First bath

After first bath

Arek, the drunk, fast asleep

Getting ready to go out

First outing

Thanksgiving 2008

Pria Ben and Arek came to San Francisco for Thanksgiving.  Even though they stayed longer than just the weekend none of us could have enough of Arek.

We took turns holding him in our arms

Arek with AnneMarie

Arek with Asli

We went for walks

and incessantly took pictures of Arek.  Here are some...

The thanksgiving meal was the supporting event of the month. While AnneMarie carved the turkey Stephan did what he does best - pour the wine...