Christmas 2013

We started our Christmas Season with cookies.  We baked them and then tasted them.  And when all was done our tidy little angel cleaned the mess without anybody asking for it.




The next day we had our Christmas party to which Lucine came with lamé leggings.

Christmas Eve was in Mima and Stephan's house and a formal dinner with the whole Wenger family.


Christmas morning was at Arek and Lucine's house where we opened our gifts.

Among many other gifts Lucine got a Lego Circus and Arek announced 'Santa is the best' as he put on his new costume.


Our morning included a delicious breakfast prepared by Ben and amazing place cards written by Arek.  I love mine, especially the 'a' at the end.

In the evening the whole gang went over to AM and JP for a Christmas Day dinner where the kids were treated to more gifts and family fun.




Merry Christmas to all!