August 2013

Family vacation in Turkey

Mima and Stephan took the family to Turkey this summer.  Technically it was Stephan, but it was Mima who did the physical travel.

My darlings travel in style.  They enjoyed the lounges and  visits to the cockpit.

Pria made it fun for them by taking them on a BART roundtrip at SFO.

At SFO - Eating  and playing while waiting for the plane. 


UA flight to FRA  -  Captain Arek!!  The cutest pilot in the world.  

He was invited to the cockpit, and in aticipation of this visit he had made gifts for the pilots.

Enjoying the flight.  And no, the wine was not for him.

  at FRA meeting Mima.

Flight to IST on Turkish Airlines....              


Bus ride to the plane at  BJV

On the way back to SFO we had a stopover at FRA which officially ended our vacation.


Once again Arek was in the cockpit!  This time a lot surer of himself.

During this trip we visited cousins in Kinali and Moda and had a real vacation in Bodrum1 and Bodrum2